Services @ Monstera Homes

Combining functionality and aesthetics you will be able to maintain your new space with ease.

Complimentary Discovery Consultation

20 Minute Call

In person* or virtually, together we will walk through your space(s), identifying your goals, the elements you struggle with and what your dream result would be.

*In person discovery consultations will incur a small charge.

Full Service Quote

Once we have discussed your needs, you will receive an estimate based on the job requirements.

Bespoke Tailored Plan

We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our clients to understand their wants and needs. By doing so, we create a tailored plan based on your answers, providing customised solutions to achieve your goals.

Monstera Sessions

Organising & Decluttering

Whether it’s bringing order to your wardrobe or suitable storage solutions to your kitchen cupboards, we will work with you to make your space comfortable, functional and tidy. Each challenge we face will be met with motivation, passion and empathy.

We will come into your home and bring order to your requested space. Sessions are charged hourly.


Labels will be used to finalise a space and help you maintain the area. Customised Vinyl labels can be purchased via Monstera Homes partnered supplier for a more aesthetic finish.

Unwanted Items

We like to support local charity shops. During the decluttering process, we will identify unwanted items and with your permission, are happy to take a carload away and deliver to our choice of charity.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Monstera Homes, we are happy to travel to aid your home improvements upon request.

This is where Monstera can help you...

Allow us to relieve you of that stress as we restore your space. We take pleasure in changing chaos into calm, leaving you with a sense of relief when you see your space transformed!


When your living space is not efficient, it causes confusion. Monstera Homes tailors organising to bring order to your space.