About Monstera Homes

Transforming your space because a home is more than a place, it’s a feeling.

Meet Alessia

Founder of Monstera Homes UK

Alessia is a very organised person in all elements of her life – she loves creating systems and everything having a place. Her passion is contagious and she is obsessed! Her experience came naturally and was evident at an early age. She credits her parents in nurturing her passion and teaching her all she knows. They were a very big impact whilst growing up and she cherishes the life lessons learnt and the importance of a tidy, organised home.

Her skillset was fine tuned in her previous role where she coordinated overseas incentives/conferences for clients. Through this she mastered the art of detailed organisation, being super thorough and managing her time effectively.

The idea behind Monstera Homes was born in the first UK National Lockdown of 2020 where she focused all of her time and efforts into re-organising every aspect of her home in a more efficient way that worked for her and her family. Her family are already organised but she wanted to take it to the next level! The process was more than organisation to her, but a step to a better lifestyle and one she would like to share by helping others do the same. After realising this was her calling in life, Monstera Homes set up an organising service to create comfortable, functional and tidy living spaces for the people of Milton Keynes and surrounding villages.


Categorising your items and creating order will not only help with day-to-day life but also help you focus on the things you love the most, look for the simple things and help be present.

This is where Monstera can help you...

Allow us to relieve you of that stress as we restore your space. We take pleasure in changing chaos into calm, leaving you with a sense of relief when you see your space transformed!


When your living space is not efficient, it causes confusion. Monstera Homes tailors organising to bring order to your space.