Organising your living spaces.

Monstera Homes — Professional Home Organisation Service

Monstera Homes delivers tailored organising sessions to help you bring order by simplifying, categorising and introducing functional, beautiful systems to create a calm home for everyday living.


Organising your home Monstera Owner Alessia Clores

About Monstera

When your living space is not utilised in the most efficient way, it causes confusion and frustration. Monstera Homes is here to help people live a simple life.


An organised home gives you the freedom to put your energy into more important tasks rather than constantly trying to clean up and keep up!

Why use a home organising service?

Cluttered spaces can be overwhelming. You may not have the time to organise, not know where to start, or simply do not enjoy it.

This is where Monstera can help you

Allow us to relieve you of that stress as we restore your space. We take pleasure in changing chaos into calm, leaving you with a sense of relief when you see your space transformed!


Monstera Services

Whether it’s bringing order to your wardrobe or suitable storage solutions to your kitchen cupboards, we will work with you to make your space comfortable, functional and tidy. Each challenge we face will be met with motivation, passion and empathy.

Discovery Consultation

Together we will discuss your space(s), identify your goals and your ideal outcomes.

Organising Session(s)

Once we understand your needs, we will bring order and transform your living space(s).

When your living space is not efficient, it causes confusion. Monstera Homes tailors organising to bring order to your space.